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Viewer Projects | Share your woodworking projects!

Three Shelves and Three Drawers

This project is to help me keep my ever growing collection of books organized. Two drawers aren't enough, so the third drawer is invisible.

Rustic contemplation mortise & tenon bench

A simple rustic contemplation bench made with mortise & tenon joinery

U.S. Flag with Army logo

Made from old pallet and 1/2" plywood with three coats of poly

Pallet Board Beer Mug

Beer mug made from a single pallet board


Routerproject: Make your own panholder.

Sofa Snack Tables

A variation inspired by Steve's Sofa snack tables.

Bath Caddie

Re-purposed an old white oak bedhead to relax with a book in a hot bath.

Oak & Leather Beer Tankard

Beer mug made from oak on the table saw

Walnut & Oak Beer Tankard

Walnut beer tankard with bent oak rings and studs. Epoxy coating inside to make it watertight

Finger Joint Box

Maple and walnut. Home made hinges.