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Viewer Projects | Share your woodworking projects!

MDF Dining Table

One sheet of MDF and wood glue only! Basic frame was simple to put together, but making the long leg boards (facing inside ones) was challenging.

Building Custom Shop Counters | Cash Wraps

In this video you will see how I built three different custom counters for a sweet shop, with raised panels out of ply and matchboard!

Rustic chessboard

This chessboard was once a pre civil war cotton warehouse. Never throw away wood, just make something else.

Am I Worthy of Making This Wooden Mallet

It seems that every YouTube maker is required to do a mallet video. Here's mine.

Pallet wood coffee table

451664 State Road 200

Pallet wood coffee table.

I made this from pallet wood and 1/4" plywood. It's a birthday present for my wife. She thinks it's "extra fancy" lol.

Oak stairway

Posted by Kristian Pikner I am Kristian Pikner from Estonia. First stair I've made. Total 50 hours. More photos: https://woodworking.formeremortals.net/me-mo-community/#/discussion/5148/oak-stairway Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/KristianPiknerFotograafia


Western Red Cedar with a marine finish

Poplar Half Barn Door

Posted by Ted Berg Made this for my niece as a baby gate /door to the stairwell leading to her finished basement.  She wants to...

Useless Machine

I decided to make this useless machine as a gift for my little nephew. I had a lot of fun making it and he really liked it.