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Dowel Construction Adirondack Chair

My adirondack chair design, using oak dowels and oak plywood. Applied 2 coats of pecan stain and several layers of spar urethane.

Easy Peasy Cutting Board

This easy peasy cutting board was made using minimum tools. The woods are walnut, maple, cherry, purple heart and yellow heart. Just glue and sand.

Outdoor Table Build – Part 1, Tabletop video

Part 1 of building a cedar table

coffe table

manhattan coffe table

4’x10′ table

Posted by Dalton Stice Hello, I'm Dalton I'm an amateur woodworker.


Using Steve's design with a few tweaks my high schoolers create a beautiful chessboard with two drawers.

Loft Bed with Rock Climbing Wall

467 Sundance St

Farmhouse Table

Only photo I have right now. There is supposed to be a beam in the middle of the two legs as well. Didn't have it attached at the time of the photo.