Basic Shop Stool


I’ve made a number of stools over the years but I like this one because it is both easy to build and super strong. If you’ve never made lap joints, this is a great first project to practice them on!

I started by gluing up some boards on their edges to make a panel for the seat.

Next, I ripped some 2x4s down into 2×2 strips, then cut all the legs to length.

Them it was just a matter of taking careful measurements and using a stack of dado blades to cut notches in the legs.

Then I cut tenons on the ends of the cross braces.

With all of the pieces prepared, assembly is a piece of cake! The lap joints are self-squaring and keep everything nice and straight while gluing.

Finally, I cut the seat down to size, sanded it smooth, and glued it to the leg assembly.

Free plans



  1. Hi Steve and thank you for your efforts to educate us who are just starting.

    I downloaded the Sketchup file for METRIC and gosh have the metric system changed! It looks just like the Imperial mesuring system with inches and stuff :-). But thanks anyway – that will be a good practice in converting between them.

  2. A Steve, this Eric Gamez from Texas. Do you have a wooden can crusher videos. Just saying cause metal might go up in price. Might just catch peoples attention. Also, any plans on Ironing Boards, and Cabinet combos. I was think about that outside my shop over beer. Heres a good catch phrase: 1. Keep on moving your notch skills up, this is Steve; see on the next video, 2. Keep your Blades, and hammers moving this is Steve etc.., 3. Remember to RAM it up a notch, this is Steve see you on the next woodworking video. Last phrase, we have your last name Ramsey=Ram a notch up. Just saying you got peoples attention to woodworking videos.


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