Tv Unit from Found Stuff


Posted by Andi Pringle

When I bought my 1969 house it “came” with a load of scrap wood and various random items that I had no clue what to do with except try to find a dumpster. However, a flash idea came to mind and I started researching woodworking. This is how I found WWMM and my life has changed so very much with a new hobby. I have taken the random bits of wood and made a few things for the house. A small slide-out spice rack made of ply, a full wall sized entetainment center out of old icky bookshelves, and this TV Wall cabinet for my office out of window shutters and ply (finished and hung today). This has been so much fun learning and building! I missed out on the current woodwork classes but will be signing up next go ’round. I’ve joined the local MakerSpace near where I live and use the tools available in the woodshop there. It’s basic as I am new to woodworking but I love this piece so much I wanted to share.


  1. Hey Andi,

    I’m in a similar situation as you, originally from the North East of England, We moved down to South West France five and a half years ago where we have been renovating a 300 year old French farmhouse. We have been on a very tight budget, as you must appreciate, these kinda projects are a money pit so we have had to make do a great deal with what we have. My father was a carpenter back in the UK and his father before him, so we kinda got wood grain running through us. I do have to confess that I strayed into Dry Wall for twenty years chasing the money.
    It looks like you’ve managed to make some great stuff with very little studying the pictures in Your last post.
    As we’re, dare I say it, nearing the end of our project here, I’ve been hoping to slowly wean off the heavy construction and follow my heart and heritage and get back into some proper carpentry, I’m hoping to create a few pieces to decorate our nearly finished home with. Whilst looking for inspiration on-line I came across Max Millard who has developed a comprehensive catalog of woodworking plans and projects, most things you can think of for making out of wood. Really interesting, and well worth a look. Take a look here I’ve got my copy, haven’t quite managed to make a start on any of the projects yet, but the plans are great and full of every detail needed, which is great for a restarter like me.

    Take care


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