Phone speaker / stand


Posted by Petar Paskov

As a complete woodworking beginner, I’ve made this simple phone holder / speaker. Didn’t even try to make it perfect, just wanted to finish fast, and to try out the new DIY router table.

I’ve used a pair of old PC speakers, a cheap 3W amplifier (under $1 on e-bay), and a simple 5V power supply – in this case a small phone charger:

01.jpg by Petar Paskov on


Fitted everything in a smallest possible wooden box, just to hold everything in place, and to give it some acoustic properties:

02.jpg by Petar Paskov on


It turned out quite well for a one hour project, and a sound quality is actually great.

03.jpg by Petar Paskov on


You can see all the steps in the slideshow I’ve made for YouTube.

YouTube Slide show


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