Mobile Tablesaw Cart


I recently purchased a new tablesaw to use in my Weekend Woodworker course. It’s a good quality, affordable saw, but it didn’t come with a stand. This mobile tablesaw cart is a perfect solution: it’s on casters so I can easily roll it around to wherever I want to work and it’s got two drawers for keeping my table saw accessories handy.

Mobile Tablesaw Cart

The construction is pretty simple, just a basic cabinet. I cut all the frame pieces out of solid pine lumber and joined them together with pocket screws.

I cut some scrap plywood pieces to use as spacers for positioning the middle stretcher on the face frame.

I screwed all four side frames together.

Then screwed plywood panels inside the rear and sides, and screwed drawer runners to them.

I made the drawers by cutting rabbet joints on the ends of plywood boards, glued them together, and dropped in thin plywood bottoms.

Next, I screwed on false fronts to the drawers and added some drawer pulls.

Finally, I screwed on the top and bottom of the cart and attached the locking casters.

Free Mobile Tablesaw Cart Plans


  1. I found it interesting that you used your old table saw to make a bench for your new saw. Just giving you a hard time. Great project. Good job showing how to make simple drawers.

  2. I’m curious why you would make a frame then line it with 3/4″ plywood. Wouldn’t the 3/4 do just fine by itself with some 2″ screws?

  3. I thought something similar to the above poster. Overall though, this is a great tutorial. I’m probably going to make this myself for one of my spaces. To make things more precise and introduce some finer detailing I’d like to employ a CNC router for cutting – at this point it’s a matter of getting one. I found a program that shows you how to build one at home for three figures and I’ve been reading up on it a bit — on this page, for example, the guy says that he put together this machine for under $300. Have you heard of it? Thanks again for the guide.

  4. Newbie here and learning a lot.
    Appreciate the Sketchup and PDF plans.
    Looking fwd to trying this soon –
    Thank you!

  5. Steve, sorry to see you gave up your weekly project videos. Really enjoyed them and learned things even if I did not build the project. I Did build quite a few of them and enjoyed it. So I guess I won’t be finding anything new now.

  6. I made this cart out of reclaimed wood and it works perfectly! It looks terrible, but is fully functional and fits my needs. Thank you for the idea and the idea!

  7. This is perfect, and so simple. I built it with a few mods:
    Deeper case to accommodate the motor mounting hardware for my vintage saw.
    Don’t own a pocket hole jig, so made frames with lap joints.
    Rather than line the sides with 3/4″ ply, I used 1/8″ hardboard. Frame has enough strength on it’s own.
    Since the case is so deep, I put a divider inside and put drawers on both sides.


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