Wishing Well Planter


Posted by Robert Maxheimer

Hi, my name is Robert. I’ve been watching a lot of videos from Steve and picked up a lot of useful tips that helped me with this project. I used Douglass fir, pine, cedar and redwood to create this Wishing Well Planter. I used the fir for the bases and truss supports and redwood for the trim over the bases and fascia. I used cedar for the shingles. I used cedar stain and transparent redwood stain for the bases and trusses, tung oil on the redwood, and then sealed it all with Penofin. All in all it was a very satisfying though lengthy project. I had several people stop by while I was building them to ask if I was selling them. The three I made were already spoken for but I may decide to build some to sell. If I do, I’ll try to create a video and create some plans to download.


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