Tables are Wainscoting When Not in Use


Posted by Gary Coy

Gary in Colorado Springs here.  I’ve now binge-watched dozens of Steve’s videos over a couple of weeks time–no one else’s are as watchable or approachable as a hobby-woodworker!  The picture shows the result of having to solve a dilemma.  We have a very long dining room which we typically fill for holiday meals using card tables, etc. to extend our dining room table.  We wanted a table that is all the same height and width (so that folks don’t feel like they’re sitting at the “kids’ table”), but we needed a way to easily store the extra table space (taking as little storage space as possible).  The solution was these two 5.5 foot tables which have folding legs and hang on french cleats when not in use.  I made the tops entirely out of cedar (because I love the look, even though it can be problematic to work with–no such thing as a straight cedar board)–the goal being that they look nice when hanging out of the way, since that’s their most typical position.  They turned out to be a pretty nice addition to the room–really dressing up the wall that they hang on.  Fun to solve a tricky problem with a decorative solution!



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