K-Cup Coffee Pod Dispenser


My wife bought me a Keurig coffee maker a for Christmas and absolutely love it, but I’ve never had a good way to store the coffee pods. I’ve been using a box next to the coffee maker, hardly an elegant solution. I looked online and found a lot of designs on the market but most have a bunch of holes for storing individual pods. I drink quite a bit of coffee and knew I that keeping those filled would be a pain so I designed this K-Cup coffee pod dispenser.

My design criteria was that I wanted it to be easy to refill, hold a lot of pods and to reflect the cool styling of my Keurig coffee maker. Basically I wanted it to be functional, but also look good.

However, this isn’t a perfect design. I love the look of it, but the odd shape of the pods tend to get clogged up inside. I thought they would just slide down. It’s not a huge problem; I can reach in and dislodge them if needed, but it could definitely use some design improvement. If the pods were all lined up, it would work, but that wouldn’t store as many, and I don’t want to keep refilling this all the time. I think another option might be to remove the center divider and allow for more space. But then I could store just one flavor. I have my plans available down below, but just be aware that you might want to modify them.

Let me know if you have any design suggestions to try that would improve this and maybe I’ll revisit this project in the future.

Making the K-Cup coffee pod dispenser

The two sides and the center divider are all the same size. To cut them all at once, I stuck three blank pieces of 1/2″ (12mm) plywood together with double sided tape.

Next, I printed out a cutting template, attached it using spray adhesive and cut out all three boards at once using my bandsaw. Then sanded the curves smooth.




I cut a small notch on the bottom front of each board. This is will hold a thin strip that will act as a cleat.



I glued and tacked the three sides to a ¼” (6mm) plywood base and an ⅛” (3mm) plywood back.





This little strip acts as a cleat, extending above the base.


I used strips of ⅛” (3mm) plywood to bend into the two dispenser areas. My thought is that this will keep the k-cup pods moving toward the front as they are dispensed.



After painting the unit, I screwed on a piece of 1/32” (less than 1mm) thick acrylic to the front.





K-Cup Coffee Pod Dispenser




  1. I hope you and the family are doing ok. My mother also passed away earlier this month and I know how heartbroken you all must be now. I know the “I’m sorry” and other condolences, while kind and appreciated, feel hollow and automatic, but I want you to know the pain will dull, the wound will heal, but her memory will always shine in our hearts and our minds.

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  2. There is no words one could say at a time like this Steve.
    You’re a inspiration to me my friend. Long live your mom in all the hearts she touched

  3. Nice idea Steve. It would be great if someone would come up with an idea about how to reuse all those pods going into the trash stream. We can recycle them but it would be great to reuse them ourselves in some manner.

  4. Steve. So sorry to hear about your Mom. It’s never easy to lose a parent no matter how old we are. We don’t use the K-Cup Coffee Maker but friends do. I’ll make one and see if any of them like it. You’ve really inspired me over the years so again so sorry for your loss.

  5. Steve so sorry to hear about your mothers passing. The date you posted of her death caught my eye….my mother died also 3/13 but another year 2014.
    Time heals all. But memories of her will be lasting in your heart.
    Thank you for all you do.

  6. I suspect that just making it a bit deeper so that there’s more room between the acrylic and the back of the container might solved the clogging problem. I hope so, anyway, because as soon as I saw the thumbnail image of this I knew I needed to build it, but with three sections instead of two. I’ll probably be giving it a shot this Summer. If I do, I’ll make that change and let you know how it goes.


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