Dust Separator Inspired by Steve


Posted by William Borges

After watching Steve make his dust separator I realized it was way past time to do the same.  The wrinkle in the plan was I had just bought a big honkin’, yet very quiet, new vacuum.  So, to keep the footprint relatively small the cart had to have vertical storage for everything.

Steve used the Oneida Dust Deputy (ODD–I love this acronym!) and Mark S. did a comparison of three units a while back with a favorable outcome for the ODD.  So, an ODD it was.

I wanted the cart to have adequate storage for various attachments, as well as a tidy place to wind the power cord.  Plus, I wanted a foolproof place to wrap the hose so it wouldn’t keep flopping on the floor.

It’s not finished yet.  ‘Going to fill the screw holes, sand everything smooth, paint it.  But, in the meantime it’s doing everything I need it to do without clogging up the vacuum filter every 15 minutes.  Nice!

Thanks for the inspiration, Mr. Ramsey!


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