Simple Bench from 2×4 Lumber


Posted by Eugene Dunbarr

Hi, Steve! I built the 5 board bench from your plans with some scrap plywood, and I’m pretty impressed with how sturdy it is considering how easy it was to assemble. That got the wheels turning, the creative juices flowing, and this is the result. It’s a simple bench based on that 5 board design. I was able to get all the parts for it out of three 8-foot 2×4’s with just under two inches of waste left over. It’s just dry-assembled with some screws right now – I’m going to sand it, then dismantle it and stain a few parts before I glue it up and finish it. I think next time I build one of these I’ll just glue the legs instead of using glue AND pocket screws, to avoid the visible holes.



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