Hydro Dipping. Fun technique for painting wood!


I recently learned about hydro dipping from my friend Bill Wilson. It’s a super cool technique for applying paint the yields amazing and random results of swirled colors. Just spray some spray paint into water, give is a slight swirl, and dip your project into it!

hydro dipping wood

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  1. Has anyone tried this with paint other than spray paint? I have a project I would love to try this with and I’d rather use the paint I have rather than buying new paint.

  2. I remember as a kid at the Iowa State Fair, seeing this being demonstrated. Not using spray cans, just plastic squirt bottles with different colors in them being dripped on the surface of the water. They would dip small objects into the paint/water, and blow on the surface to move the paint out of the way when it was time to remove the object. Oh, this was a while back. Like 40 or 50 years ago! “Every thing old is new again!”


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