Smokehouse build


Posted by Ron Adams

Not having much experience with woodworking I thought I’d “Go Big or Go Home” and build a walk-in smoker for my first solo project. My name is Ron and my wife and I bought a small, older farm last year. The farm had not been worked in over 40 years so many of my projects are going to be repairing structures and building things that will be used on the farm. So why a smokehouse? Well, I enjoy hunting and fishing,  smoked meats are easier to store and the taste just can’t be beat. I started watching WWMM several months ago and was hooked. I’ve been accumulating tools slowly. I had a great time planning and laying out this project. The entire project took me 3 weeks of nights and weekends with a majority of that time being used to mill the boards from logs on the property using a Granberg chainsaw mill. Most of the materials came from around the farm with the only purchases being screws, hinges, latch and a small wood stove as the smoke source. (I had to changes the latch after I accidentally locked myself in… no, I wasn’t smoking anything at the time!) You can watch the build on the following Youtube links:





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