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Like most of us, I have a tendency to save scraps of wood that are not very useful for any substantial project. I have found that making decorative art projects is a great way to reduce the size of this horde. This week, I decided to cut a bunch of these scraps into wedge shapes and make a decorative display. This scrap wood art project could be a table centerpiece too. You can display either side for a different effect.

scrap wood art 2

scrap wood art

There’s nothing particularly difficult about this project, just a lot of repetitive stuff. After selecting a bunch of scraps and cut-offs in my lumber bin, I drew out cut lines on the edges and cut out the wedge shapes on my bandsaw.



After getting a bunch cut, I roughly arranged them into an arc to see how it might look. I was glad that there appeared to be too many, because I knew a lot of the material would be sanded away.


And that’s because my bandsaw cuts are awful. No cut is straight and every cut has jagged edges.


So it just took a lot of time to sand everything smooth.


I glued all the wedges in place using Weldbond glue, starting with two base wedges glued to a board.



The it was just a matter of working my way up, gluing one wedge at a time. I kept one side of the display lined up flush, while letting the other side show off the variety of depths.




When I got the the top, I decided to stop and let all these pieces dry before proceeding. This would prevent the last few pieces from forcing the lower pieces apart when dropping them in place. Once these were dry, I could finish gluing them in place.



I cut two half circles to cover up the center points and glued them in place on each side.


Finally, I glued the whole project to a large base board and finished everything with spray lacquer.




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