Popsicle Stick Bench – Fun and Colorful DIY Project!


This is a project I’ve been meaning to make for years, ever since I first spotted Disney’s version in A Bug’s Land at The California Adventure Park , where everything is scaled to appear as though you are the size of a bug. This Popsicle stick bench is easy to make, but the angled back is a little tricky. I wanted the two supports to look like a Popsicle stick that was bent in the middle. The solution was a modified lap joint with 10 degree angles. This worked out really well and is very strong. However, if it looks a little too much to tackle, I have included a limited-tools option in the plans that features a straight back. The only saw you will need is a jigsaw.

Popsicle Stick Bench

This project uses 2x4s, 1x4s and 2x2s. These board sizes are readily available at any home center so you won’t need to rep them into narrower strips.

I began by cutting the front legs to size.

I made a template for marking the rounded ends of the “Popsicle sticks” by drawing a circle the same width as a 2×4 (actual size: 3.5” or 89mm) on a scrap of hardboard (Masonite). Then I cut it to size using my bandsaw.


I find I can get these kind of cuts more accurate by leaving a little bit of the line and sanding it down to the line.


Now I can use this hardboard template to draw the arc on the end of each Popsicle stick board. If you wanted complete precision, you could clamp the template to the board and use a flush trim bit on a router to replicate the curve exactly. I didn’t think it was worth the hassle.




I used pocket screws to join the front legs to the side seat supports.


If you want to make the angled back, just follow the measurements in the plans carefully and cut the angled lap joints in the back supports and rear legs. Glue and clamp these together. Again, if you want to simplify this bench, just use one piece of wood for the leg and back support. (See plans.)










I used 2x2s for the cross braces. I cut mine from 2x4s, but you can buy 2x2s already ripped down to size if you don’t have any way of making those long rip cuts.


Then it’s just a matter of assembling all the pieces with pocket screws and cutting out all the Popsicle sticks for the seat and back.






Once these were cut, I spray painted various fruit-flavored colors and screwed them in place. I protects all surfaces with an outdoor Spar Urethane.




Popsicle Stick Bench

Popsicle Stick Bench Plans



  1. Did you consider screwing the bench boards from underneath to hide the screw heads? Maybe pocket holes would work.

    • I didn’t think there would be enough wood for the screws to grab in that direction and eventually would pull out.

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  2. I think out of all the shows , I like yours the best . There’s a humility to your style that many don’t have . The way you find humor in little things is a refreshing change . I am trying to get a garage shop together on a limited budget . It is said never align work with a hobby so Ihope I can make things out of old things , kinda the upcycle approach .

  3. I like it, of course I like all, (well most all of your projects). Just curious on where did the Manometer register on this? Keep up the good work and don’t let the trolls get ya down.

  4. Hi, I’m kinda new at woodworking and dont have a table saw. I watch your video sever times. Can you tell me what size are the 7 Popsicle stick boards are?

    PS your my goto site for idea and inspiration, Thank you.

  5. I’m in the process of making one of these for my grand niece and was wondering…is there a particular reason the horizontal back bench supports consist of two 33 inch 2x2s, instead of one 33″ inch 2×4? I’m wondering if it’s a structural issue (and therefore, important) or an after sight. Thanks!


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