Gift Ideas for Woodworkers


A few years ago I made a buying guide with gift ideas for woodworkers and I thought it was time to revisit it. As before, I don’t recommend giving tools to woodworkers. When we need a new tool, most of us spend a lot of time researching the options and finding the best fit for our specific needs.

This list is a buying guide to consider when shopping for a friend or family member who loves woodworking. They aren’t exactly romantic gifts, but they are affordable and practical gifts that any woodworker would be happy to receive. Gifts that will actually get used.

Ariane over on Patreon suggested assembling a gift basket containing some of this stuff. That would make a fun gift!


You can never have enough clamps and neither can the person you give them to. Clamps are fun to buy because there are so many different kind for different purposes. Any would be great to receive. A 24″ bar clamp is probably my most used clamp.

A strap clamp is super handy for making picture frames and anything else with mitered corners.

Spring clamps are great for gluing up small projects. They also come in handy any time you need a third hand to just hold something up temporarily.


C-clamps are great for gluing laminating boards to make thick blocks as well as other uses.

I’ve become a big fan of these quick release clamps. They work like bar clamps, but don’t require all the handle twisting.

Driver Bits

I use my impact driver and drill all the time. Not just for woodworking but for chores all around the house. Driver bits make it all easy, but they are small and the heads can get mangled or break. Having a bunch on hand is a good idea and a useful gift.

This small kit would make a great stocking stuffer.

I like this 56 piece kit, too.

Drill bits

Drill bits dull and the little ones can break. A set of new drill bits would always be nice. Find a kit that contains brad point bits. They are very useful for drilling accurate holes.

This is a larger kit, but contains just about all the drill bits and driver bits you would need!

Forstner Bits

Woodworking seem to require drilling a lot of holes. When you need to drill large, clean holes, nothing beats a Forstner bit. Unfortunately they get dull and most of us don’t bother sharpening them, or even know how! A set like this one is quite affordable.



No, glue isn’t the sexiest gift, but I can assure you it is something every woodworker needs. I go through about a gallon of wood glue a year! I recommend Titebond II. 

I am also very fond of Weldbond glue. It might not be as strong as wood glue, but it will bond just about anything!


Again, maybe as part of a gift basket or just a stocking stuffer, 1-1/4″ screws are the most common screw I use and never seem to have enough on hand.  I use the star head screws almost exclusively now. They are so much easier to drive than Phillips head screws.


Wood makes an awesome gift. If we make a lot of projects, we tend to use the same types of home center lumber over and over. It’s easy to get and relatively affordable. But wouldn’t it be nice to make a small box out of Padauk or Purpleheart? If you are fortunate, you may live near a lumberyard that sells specialty or exotic wood. If not, you can find it online. Rockler Woodworking has a good selection




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