2×4 Wooden Toy Truck


Toys are fun projects to make any time of year, but especially for the holidays! I made this modular toy truck system with a single 2×4 board. It would be a fun project to expand on, building new trailers and accessories. A short dowel peg joins the components to the truck.

2x4 toy truck

I started by gluing up three 2×4 blocks for the camper and two blocks for the the truck.



While these were drying, I sliced up the 2×4 into thinner pieces using my sled from last week’s project. Then I assembled them into two boxes: One for the trailer and one for the pickup.




While those were drying, I returned to my glued up blocks. I attached a cutting template to the truck piece, cut it out on my band saw, and rounded over the edges on my router.




I gut out grooves in the bottom of the truck using my table saw and crosscut sled.


And I cut grooves in another block for the trailer wheels. I glued this to the underside of the trailer.


I drilled holes in all four pieces for the trailer hitches then inserted short dowels into all the components but the truck.





These are store bought wooden wheels. I glued them onto dowels and used the slots underneath the truck to determine how far to slide them on.


After drilling a hole in the truck for the “window”, I spray painted everything.



Finally, I dropped the wheel assemblies into the grooves and glued some thin plywood pieces over them.



I had so much of the 2X4 left over, I cut out some blocks for the truck to haul.




  1. I was a truck driver and have been in 48 states and Canada. I really found a mistake you made on this project’s measurement. I built it according to your directions and when I was finished, I could not get into the driver’s sear.
    I really think it needs to be a little bigger.

  2. I love your website and I love these little trucks.
    My dad made trucks, trains and cars for kids staying at our local Ronald McDonald House for years. Dad has since had a stroke and has dementia, so I have taken over making the toys. I’m no where as good as he was but the kids don’t seem to care. I cut the entire piece out with a Rockwell Blade Runner and use large dowels that I “slice” for my tires; my dad has a band saw but I’ve never used it (it’s on my to do list).
    I’m going to make one of yours but with different tools as I’m not very good with a router. No matter how many jigs I buy or make……….a router does not like me. Now that I’ve found your website, I might try the whole router thing again.

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