DIY Drip Coffee Maker


I only recently learned about non-automated drip coffee makers. It seems these are quite popular among serious coffee enthusiasts. Basically, it’s just a stand that holds a funnel. You place a filter and coffee grounds into the funnel and a cup underneath. Just pour hot water slowly over the grounds and you have a fresh cup of coffee!

It does taste good, but I’m not sure if it tastes any better than my automatic coffee maker brews. But the makers come in all shapes and styles and can be a fun addition to a kitchen counter. They would be a great gift for any coffee lover on your list!

I designed mine to be adjustable. The top part that holds the funnel can be raised or lowered depending on the size of cup you want to use.

DIY drip coffee maker


The sides of the triangles are 7″ (18cm) long, so I found a couple boards that were a bit wider. To give the coffee maker some visual “weight” I wanted the bottom piece thicker than the top. Resawing such a wide board is a problem. My bandsaw isn’t big enough to cut it and my tablesaw blade can only cut through about 3″. The scraps are also too small to effectively run through my planer without losing a couple inches to snipe, not to mention how much wood would be wasted.

My solution was to turn the board on its edge and saw through two sides as deep as possible on my table saw. This left me with a thin bit in the middle still holding the board together. I used a hand saw to easily cut through this part and separate the board into two pieces.




I taped a thin board to a thick board using double-sided tape, attached a cutting template with spray adhesive and cut out both triangles on my band saw.




Next, I drilled 1/4″ (6mm) holes in each corner. (These are all marked on the template.)

After separating the two boards, I cut a 2-1/8″ (54mm) hole in the thinner, top triangle and rounded over all the edges using my router.



Finally I cut three 10″ (25cm) lengths of 1/4″ (6mm) diameter threaded rod and finished the wood with spray lacquer.


Assembling Your Coffee Dripper

I first ran a threaded rod through through each corner of the base, added a nut and washer on each side, and tightened these down. I slid a thread protector over each end.




I used wing nuts for the top triangle to rest on. These are easy to adjust so the top can be slid up or down. I saw no need to attach a nut on the top side. I slid thread protectors on these ends too.



Brewing coffee

Brewing coffee with the drip coffee maker is easy. Just add a filter into a funnel, add coffee grounds, and pour hot water over them. It takes just a few seconds for the cup to fill.






  1. Another (better?) option instead of using the hand saw would have been to cut the triangle before splitting the board. It’s then a bit more than 2″ from each edge to the center, so one pass from each edge would fully cut the board.


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