Platform Bed with Drawers


A new bed has been on my to-do list for ages. In fact, we have never owned a bed, just a frame which held a box spring and mattress. The trend today is to eliminate the box springs and set a good mattress on platform.

The advantage to our old bed was that it had room underneath for storage. A new platform bed had to include storage, so I designed this king sized bed with six large drawers for storing linens and quilts. It appears to have drawers on all sides, but two of the drawers in the foot are fake to allow space for the larger drawers on the sides. The drawers near the head are also fake, since they would be unusable with the night stands in the way. If you made this bed, you could easily include them.

WWMM Platform Bed

If you wanted to eliminate the drawers all together, this platform bed project would be uber simple! I started by building four basic frames out of 3.5″ (89mm) wide boards using my Kreg Pocket Screw Jig. I designed this project so that most of the boards could be purchased off the rack and only need cross cutting with a miter saw or circular saw.



The I assembled the four frames together into a box using glue and screws. This is one half of the king sized bed. Alone, it’s a twin or single bed.



And screw in cross-braces:


I offset these boards to create drawer runners.


I glued and screwed this strip all around the sides near the top. This will hold the slats.


The are upper guides for the drawers. They also supply a little more structural support.


I finished the cabinet with Dark Walnut Danish Oil. I like using Danish oil because it’s so easy to apply. Just wipe a couple coats on and your done.


I used 1/2″ (12mm) plywood for the drawers and their bottoms. Simple construction: Just glued and tacked together.


To attach the drawer faces, I cut some boards as spacers. These let me line up the faces exactly where they needed to be.




After bringing the two sections into the bedroom I screwed them together and screwed on the slats.






Free Plans:

WWMM Platform Bed (PDF)

Sketchup file

Metric plans coming soon!



  1. Another fantastic project Steve! You make it look so easy (but we all know better). You’ve inspired me once again-

  2. Steve, nice bed. The wife and I plan on buying a new one as well. Im considering this platform and the Casper frame.

  3. Steve, really nice built, can’t wait to try and make one for myself. I wanted to know what brand and gauge nailer you use? Thanks

    • Could you send me the plans for making a Queen size bed..I loved the video and bbeing new to woodworking
      I thought you did a very good job..Thanks..I am 66 years old and this will be my first project!!!!
      Thank you very much

  4. Steve, my wife and I like this and are thinking about making the platform and buying a Casper. Do you have a rough estimate on the cost of the platform?

    • I’ve spent $175 so far. That includes shellac, what seems like a million pocket screws, and all wood minus the slats. I used framing lumber from Home Depot and got all the pieces cut today. Hopefully I can get it assembled tomorrow afternoon. Actual money spent on the wood at this point is ~$100.

  5. Great job! I’m building this one for a friend this weekend. Thank you for the cut list but do you happen to have a materials list with total number of boards per size? Thanks! Love your builds.

  6. My wife has been bugging me about a new bed for a while, and I would love to make this.
    any chance on getting the metric plans out soon?

  7. Thanks Steve, your videos are very inspiring. Metric plans would be most appreciated by your Australian viewers!

    • Just use the online conversion chart its easy. @Steve what router bit did you use 1/2 or 3/4 round over?

  8. Great project, love it!
    Could you please publish the plan / materials list adapted for a queen size bed?

    Another thought I’m entertaining for when I build such a bed is to make it more disassembly/reassembly friendly (for, say, making moving it to a different easier). What I have in mind is:
    1. Attach the 2 halves with bolts, nuts and washers, rather than the more permanent screws.
    2. Build a separate assembly of the slats on the frame, and attach it to the cleats running along the inside of bed’s frame – again, with bolts and not screws.
    What do you think, Steve?

    • I had the same thought for joining the halves. For the slats I have been entertaining the idea of attaching the spacers permanently and having the slats be held in place between the spacers by the weight of the bed

  9. Hi steve, another since request for the metric plans, pretty pretty please. would love to start building asap.

  10. Steve, I love this design! We just ordered our mattress, but I’m wondering, how would I adjust the size to accommodate a queen size mattress? I’ve tried to figure it out but get lost in the numbers. I really like this design and want to do it. Help!

  11. I really like this design but I’m wondering if you have conversion plans available for a standard (non California) king size mattress? I’m thinking I can just take away 3 inches from the total length and add 4 inches to the total width to get me pretty close but I wanted to see if you have plans already created since I would be more inclined to trust your expertise than mine. Thanks for the great video, I love watching your projects.

  12. Hi Steve,
    I’ve been looking at the plans. Aren’t the top boards (orange) missing from the list of materials in the first pages ?

    I will likely build this, but adapted to a regular king bed.


  13. I’m designing my bed today and had compared several different free plans online on how to tackle this. I would like your method suits my needs the most because you used mostly 2×4’s to build this instead of large pieces of plywood which is best cut by a table saw. Thanks for the plan!

  14. Steve,
    Great video. Just curious if you used select pine boards ore much cheaper common boards? I would think that by using select pine, I’d be getting much better boards without warp and twist. Thoughts?

  15. what is the thickness of the 3.5″ boards? are they 1X4 (which is actually about 3.5″ wide) or are they thicker? i am just attempting to price out the wood and dont know what to search for.

  16. Steve,
    What size pocket screws did you use for the framework? I bought all the materials today, prepping for the weekend project. Thanks so much for the plans.

  17. Hi im kind of new to this but i am going to attempt this project is there any way i can get a complete materials list with screw sizes and such thanks

  18. I wanted to thank you so much for the plans. I just got done surprising my wife with the captains bed. It took about 50+ hours of work and I tweaked the plans just a bit (increased the height by 1.5 inches, did an inlay, and made it for a standard king size bed). I think I watched your video about 20+ times to make sure I was doing things right. Again I want to thank you for the plans. I had a great time building it. I made a google album share from some of the photos ( You will see I had one heck of a time getting the bed frame upstairs but I figured it out ( see one of the photos). Blessings – Steve

  19. Hi I am from Mexico I liked a lot your video, can you please send me the plans?? this would be my first ever proyect I dont do woodworking but I want give it a try.


  20. Hello Steve,
    I just found this site and love it, you are great at explaining every step. I would like to know if you have a queen size plan? If so how can I get it? Or what are the adjustments if you know them.


  21. Steve, I would love to build a queen size platform bed for my wife and myself. Do you have a set of plans for one that will incorporate an adjustable bed.

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