Ugly sweater ornaments! Family fun


Looking for a fun indoor project you can create with your whole family? Cut these out and see who can decorate theirs the tackiest!

I cut out these ugly sweater ornaments out of a scrap of 1/8″ plywood using my scroll saw. The fun part was giving them to my wife and son and letting them go crazy decorating them. You can even make these without any woodworking tools…just cut them out of cardboard!

ugly sweater ornamentsThere is nothing tricky to the woodworking, but the thinner the wood, the better. You might even consider using balsa wood from a craft store. If you don’t have a scroll saw, you can cut these out with a jigsaw or even a coping saw.

To use the cutting template, just print it out and paste it to the wood using spray adhesive. If you’ve never done this before, here’s a video that may help.

This video is part of the Amex EveryDay campaign. Learn more about the American Express EveryDay card here. And if you have fuzz balls on your sweater, (who among us doesn’t?) watch Kari Byron’s Everyday Genius video.

Ugly sweater ornament plans




  1. Will have our regular family gathering this Christmas. This will be a great project to keep people busy. Thinking of making them mount onto Christmas lights so the bulb will be in the head position.


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