Wooden pull-cart and building blocks


Classic fun!

This set of blocks and cart is the perfect gift for any toddler. It helps them learn colors, shapes, counting, sorting and provides them with hours of open-ended play.

Big thank-you to Randy Sharp who has been making these for a while now and sent me his plans. It’s based it on a similar set his 85-year-old neighbor received as a child. Some toys are timeless.

cart and blocks 2


If you don’t have any young children to make this for, you might consider making these for sale. Once you have your tools set up for each procedure, making a dozen is easy and quick, Each set is probably around $5 worth of materials and I can imagine selling a set for $50. Retro, non-electronic toys are very popular.


You can bid on this project here. 100% of your winning bid goes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, granting wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.


WWMM Pull cart & building blocks (pdf)
SketchUp file
Randy’s original plans


cart and blocks 3



cart and blocks 5


  1. I have visited Randy’s site and even tried to sign up to comment. I tried 4 times and every time it says that I misspelled the activation code or my email, I tried and gave up, if Randy wants me to sign up my email is
    “quailhouse@hotmail.com” I found no way of contacting him. I also did not find anyway to obtain any plans to build the toys. Thank you Ed


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