Shave in style! Make this classy razor stand.


Bending wood

I’ve made a number of bent-wood projects on the show. The largest was this quilt rack which we still use. It’s a lot easier than you might imagine. Mostly, you just need a method for cutting very thin strips of wood. The thinner they are, the more you can bend them. One advantage this bent-lamination technique has over steam-bending is that there is no “spring back”. Once the glue is dry, the piece holds it shape.




Eveny year, November becomes “Movember” as part of a campaign by the Movember Foundation to raise awareness of men’s health issues and generate funds for research. You can get involved and try growing an epic mustache. Have you noticed the popularity of handlebars these days?

You can also help by signing on with WWMM sponsor Harry’, who is the official razor partner of Movember. I’ve been using Harry’s for months and love the service. Save $5 off your first order by entering coupon code WOODWORKING at checkout.

Cutting template

Obviously, you will need to tailor this to fit the size and shape of whatever razor you use, but this should help get you started. It doesn’t take much wood, so don’t worry if your first attempt isn’t perfect…make another one!


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