Make this toy box to raise money to fight cancer



Woodworkers Fighting Cancer

It’s that time of year again to build a fun project and raise money to fight cancer!

I’m happy to help out Marc over at the Wood Whisperer again this year with his annual Woodworkers Fighting Cancer fundraiser. This year, he has chosen to donate all the money we raise to the Cancer Research Institute. 

Get involved!

It’s simple: all you need to do is make a toy box. It would make a great holiday gift, or you might consider building one and donating it to a local school or organization. Marc and I are each donating $5 for every box viewers make before November 30th. Plus, Marc has assembled a whole bunch of corporate sponsors. We hope to raise $15,000 this year!

The only thing we ask is that you make either my box, or use Marc’s design. They each have unique features. Take a picture and submit it to the Woodworkers Fighting Cancer page.


Click here to bid on the toy box that I built. 100% of your winning bid will go to the Cancer Research Institute. You will need to pick it up in person: It’s just to big and bulky to ship! So if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, please consider placing a bid!



  1. Steve, I am definitely going to make this, it’s a really neat idea. I’d like to make one small request if possible. Many of your plans online have the cut list on them which is great, but would it be possible to list the shopping list as well? I’m not super fast at numbers and can’t always immediately determine what I need. When I see something like “3.5 board” I assume 8′, but in these plans one of them would need to be 10′, and 2 would need to be 6′. I can always do the math, as I have, before I go out, but it would be nice to go to the hardware store with an itemized list.

  2. OMG…..not fun bright colors that a child would love in their room PAINTED over wood!!! MDF and pocket joints on top or that!! Why don’t you just use POWER tools while you’re at it. OH that RIGHT!! YOU DID!!! With all these new fanged ideas of yours, what’s next?!?!? With all this anarchy, you’d think the Giants won the pennant or something…..HAVE YOU NO DECENCY?!?!?! You make me have to ignore this project because my wife is screaming something about finishing chess pieces! 🙂

  3. Nice project. I noticed the plans show the need for 6 ,1.5″ x 15.5″ pieces but you need 8 of them for the top and base.

  4. first , I have to say that your “prove you are human” thing is pretty useless to stop the spam bots. they can do even complex math problems.

    anyway, I built this box. I waited till the last minute and did not get it painted before I submitted the picture to Marc. I used scrap wood from around the house. I will have to remake the top because I used 3/8 plywood for the band around it and it leaves too many splinters for my grandson’s litte hands.
    I may even completely build a new one for him and use better wood etc.

    I also noticed that the cut list was wrong. you need two more of the 1/2s and the measurements for the side pieces is wrong.

    anyway, I love it and had to do this project in my temporary shop under the shed. I will sure be glad to get my shop finished.


  5. Hi

    Apologises if you have already answered this somewhere, but what is the thickness of the wood please?

    Is it quarter of an inch?

    Many thanks in advance of your response.


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