Make a candy Plinko game


Just in time for Halloween!

I designed this Plinko candy dispenser to use 1″ diameter candy. Gumballs work great and make a fun pinking sound on their way down.

To make this you will need some MDF, which I find is the best material to work with on painted projects like this. Be sure to wear a dust mask though…cutting MDF creates clouds of sawdust.

You will need a piece of plexiglass and a 1.25″ dowel. There is really not much to building this, but it is one of my rare projects where I recommend taking careful measurements. It will help a lot!



  1. I made this project with my kids. I adjusted the plans slightly for candy half the size(skiddles). I doubled the number of side grooves and the number of nails. I ended up with six slots at the bottom. I also drilled multiple holes in the 1inch dowl for more candy action. Sound was great! My kids nine and twelve loved the project! I only made one mistake in measuring the size of the plexiglass. Thanks!


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