Make a small parts cabinet


Hi everyone! I’m back from the Woodworking in America conference last week. It was great to meet so many of you.¬†

Next, I want to apologize for the autopilot mode this web site is still in. I promise the new web site will be online soon! It has been a long process and we have had a number of setbacks and challenges. Thank you for your patience!


Don’t panic! These drawers are easy to make!

The notion of making sixteen individual drawers sounds like a nightmare. Plus, it would be hard to maintain accurate sizes on all of them, especially when they are as small as these. The system I use for these is simple: make a long box with dividers, then chop them up. After cutting all the drawers, measure them and build the cabinet around them.

I made mine out of MDF because it’s inexpensive, easy to work with, and won’t pose any expansion/contraction issues. The drawers fit pretty snug, so any expansion from humidity would cause solid wood to lock into their spaces.


Want to thank littleBits for sponsoring this episode! I am completely obsessed with this system. We are looking at the future of open source hardware, building and prototyping. Check out their web site and if you like what you see, use promo code WOODWORKING at checkout to get $20 off your first kit.



  1. Love the idea of using a “key” to line things up like that. I just so happen to be building a baseball display case for my brother’s wife who is a huge Colorado Rockies fan. She gets signed baseballs a lot and wanted a nice way to store them! The key will help me keep things lined up when I build the final cabinet (I built the first one out of plywood so I could make sure it would work how I saw it in my head). Thanks again!!!

  2. The method for making all the drawers is awesome! However, I can’t see all that work to make something I could just buy for $15 from Harbor Freight. I had this post almost written before I heard your comment about making it for twice the price!

  3. Hey Steve — all of a sudden the videos have stopped working. They will play for a few seconds and then stop. Did you change something? Did I miss something? Maybe my computer is really ill??? Any ideas?


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