Wooden sushi serving set…and a woodworking project challenge!


A challenge to you

Alex Harris and I got together again to collaborate and offer up a challenge to you. Make something that represents your home town, state or country. But give it some thought! Just making a wood map, or a model of a famous landmark doesn’t tell us what your home means to you. Get creative. Then post pictures of your project on Facebook, Twitter, or even YouTube.

When I think of my home town, I think of its people and the myriad of cultures who all call San Francisco their home. One of the benefits of this diversity is that SF has the best cuisine in the world! So I chose for my project to represent this food culture by making a sushi serving set.

My sushi set

I made this using scraps of maple and padauk. Mostly, it was just a matter of sandwiching the different types of wood together and cutting them out. The large serving tray is just a single block of maple with a thin padauk inlay.

The trickiest part was definitely figuring out a method for making the chopsticks. I ended up simply cutting them out by hand on my bandsaw. They aren’t identical: each one came out slightly different. If you plan to make chopsticks, you will definitely want to use a hard wood to avoid them breaking near the tips.


You can place a bid on this sushi set! Hurry, auction ends next Friday. And remember, I’m donating 100% of the winning bid to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


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  1. I build gun racks every week all year long, and I can’t think of anything that represents where I’m from any better. Sorry, I’m too busy to shoot and edit a video.

  2. Being from Missouri, I was thinking about making a model of a meth lab, but since I’ve never seen one, I guess that’s out.

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