This key rack is also a dry erase message center.

A key rack is something we have been needing for a long time. We have a coat rack near our front door that stores a lot of things, but keys get piled up on top and fall off. After considering a lot of different designs, I thought it would be fun if the rack was also a message center.
The “dry-erase” board is just a piece of plexiglass. I made it removable to help with cleaning and so it can be easily replaced if it gets scratched or damaged. But mostly because it made it lot easier to apply a spray lacquer finish to the wood!
I made this using free pallet wood and materials I already had in my shop.



  1. There’s an old country song with the line “my razor is rusty and my barber is poor…..”. The only money I spend on my face is batteries for the clippers. They last a long time since I only use it when my wife says, “I’m not going to kiss you again until you trim your mustache”.

    As for saw blades, buy good ones and have them resharpened by a reputable (factory authorized) sharpening service. Keep them clean in between sharpening and they won’t need it very often. Of course using them on crappy pallet wood isn’t doing them any favors what with all the dirt and grit in embedded in it.

  2. I would like to make a decorative – on wall – storage center. Maybe with removable square on end of each storage self or box. Can you create something pretty that doesn’t say storage?


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