Router bit storage box | Shop project


I’ve been storing my router pits in their original boxes and containers for a long time. One of the problems with these is that the bits only fit in a certain way and if you don’t get them right, the boxes won’t close properly. As a result, I have only been storing about half of my bits in the boxes as intended: the rest just pile up in the corners of the boxes, or elsewhere in my shop.

A couple of those boxes have holes to slide the bit shanks into. I am not of fan of that system, so I decided the bits in my new storage box should lie on their sides in individual compartments. There are only two sizes of compartments: the lower tray for large bits and the upper try for smaller bits. I can easily drop bits into any free space, which should give me no excuse for not storing bits when I’m done using them.

When planning this design, I lined up all of my bits on my workbench and was shocked to discover how many I actually have. Too many! Especially considering I use about four of them for about 90% of my routing.



  1. Great project Steve, but you told me I only really needed 4 router bits. What should I do with all of those other slots? LOL


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