Corner shelving unit


I really like corner units. They always seem unexpected in just about any room of the house. I made this set of shelves for our craft room (AKA “Guest room”). I like the way is breaks up the square corner with its serpentine shape.

This is super easy to make. The trickiest part is keeping all the pieces in order and planning how they fit together. Every board is a different size!



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  1. Thanks for talking about the multiple options to sand/saw in the video. As a super neophyte woodworker who has only completed two projects (bed platform, a nightstand of my own design) who completed both of his beginning projects with just a $40 jigsaw, its nice to be reminded that I don’t need your nice table saw to make this stuff. 🙂

    I don’t think you need to remind everyone all the time, though. If you have the space + the cash, use them. Right now I have neither lol

    P.S. If you are stuck on your TARDIS build I have a friend who runs a pop culture museum in New Zealand who not only built his own TARDIS, but a dalek, a TARDIS console, and is currently making his own Weeping Angel. It’s called The Time Traveller’s Experience (

  2. Gonna make this on legs for a redundant raised corner platform in the kitchen/ dinning area that used to have a fire. Will fill the space nicely with a couple of little nick knacks and recipe books. Thanks for your video. have only ever done a book shelf and sandbox so looking forward to trying something a little more less square.


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