Build your own TARDIS!


I have had more people request that I build a TARDIS than any other project. I decided this week was perfect, since the new season of Dr. Who starts tomorrow!

This is the biggest project I have ever made for the show. It’s not the most difficult though. In fact, this is a limited tools project you can make with just a few hand-held power tools. I recommend a circular saw or jigsaw for cutting sheet goods. A tablesaw would make this even easier. A miter saw would also be very handy: there are a lot of boards to chop into sections. I used a pocket hole jig for joining the pieces together. This also speeds up the process.

The entire TARDIS is easy to take apart and set up in about ten minutes. No tools needed. You will want to have a step stool handy though. It’s pretty tall.

For tons of info on TARDIS building, visit 

For you Whovians, I modeled my TARDIS on the David Tennant version. Mostly because the roof is less complicated, but also because people often tell Wyatt that he looks like the Tenth Doctor. So it was fun to use him in the photos!

And of course: it’s bigger on the inside!

Free plans:


  1. Thank you so much! I could hardly wait for this video!!! Thank you for inspiring all of us who think woodworking is too difficult. Would you mind posting a lumber cut list?

    Will G.
    Toccoa, Georgia

  2. Awesome! I guess now that the TARDIS is at hand, you’ll never run into lack-of-space problems again 😉

  3. COOL! … I never did know what a Tardis was… Now I do…
    I thought the standard Color was bright RED… as I saw them in London.

    COOL procedure…

    Do you have a telephone inside and a stool to sit on… with a phone book! LOL (kidding)

    Nice job!

  4. 16 pages of printed material and no cut list. This plan was hatched by the Dalek. I think I will unsubscribe before I wake up.

  5. No positive placement for the top two roof tiers like with the first tier or is it too much of a pain? I am starting mine Friday! I told my daughters who are HUGE fans of Dr. Who I was going to build it and they are more than thrilled to be helping out… Thank you for all you do.

  6. Fantastic video and build! Thanks for bringing this project to a manageable level. I also would love to see a materials/cut list. Thanks again!

  7. Considering the time & effort to creating the plans and providing the video of this awesome project, I would gladly pay $$ for a set of plans that would include a materials list / cut list!

    Count me in for $5-10 🙂

    And in my humble opinion, In the world of on-line wood working sites & resources, Steve is certainly in the top tier of professionals offering ***useful*** education for *real people*.

    • I agree. I wish you would provide a cut / material list for every project and offer it for $5 to $10 bucks. I would pay that. Thanks for the great videos.

  8. Steve, thank you so much for figuring this out, then making it available for us! I know how many hours went into just the planning stage. I wish you could have seen my 14 year old daughter’s eyes light up when I told her we were going to build it. She’s such a fan. I’m looking forward to the father/daughter time building it.

  9. Can you tell me how to get wood for cheap, and I am makeing mine bigger on the insied so! I’ll need something to make my intiror like how do I remove the back? Or what do I do to make the lantern light up but thanks for the video. Just need some small details to make my T.A.R.D.I.S thank you just please replay on my E-mail!

  10. Is there a extra piece of wood screwed to the door frame column that the door hing is screwed to, so that they door sets right with the rest of the wall?

  11. Could I please get the material/ cut list. Very excited about doing this for my sons Highschool band.
    Thanks in advance, great video.

  12. Hi, please could you tell me how much it costs to build the tardis and a list of materials? Cant wait till i build my own! Thanks in advance for your help.

  13. I built a TARDIS of my own, not one like this, I ran cheap and used cardboard sides. I estimated the cost of the 2x4s I had to use, the door handle and hinges. the screws and nails as well. The cardboard was free at the recycling centre! But anyway for me, the cost was about $50, with the door hinges the ones i bought were like $8 a set of three so $16. 8 2×4, $2 a piece another $16. screws and nails were like $6 a box (I bought ones that were 1 3/4″) so $12. And of course I went cheap and bought crayons online to colour the the sides. a pack of 12 crayons for me was $4. All together that’s $48, not including tax, but the crayons don’t count in this case, so I would guess the cost for EVERYTHING depending on what store you go to and where you live could be anywhere from $50-$80. It’d probably cost more or less depending on what materials you already have, such as screws, glue, etc…

  14. Were some of the boards for the columns and roof cut to their widths? I haven’t seen any lumber with actual dimensions of 1×4 or 1×4 3/4.

  15. Does anyone know where I can get the signs? I have looked all over the internet and can’t find any that are the right size. PLZ HELP!

    • eBay is a good option, otherwise there are specialist sign places all over the place who will do custom ones

  16. hay need a cutting list, wanna build this as my collage project but having issues without the list, pleas let us all know one thanks, Daniel parr

  17. Hi, as others have said, I too would like a cutting list. Do you have one? Are you able to supply one?
    Many thanks for an interesting project. I hope to start it in the next week or two for my grand-kids. Thank you.

  18. A TARDIS built from these plans is pictured in issue 58 of Make magazine (Aug/Sep 2017)

    At HackPGH we added a few touches of our own, such as making it drivable.


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