Make a handy gardening stool / carry-all

I’ve talked to a lot of people who tell me they are unable to spend much time in their shops this time of year because it is simply too hot where they live. That’s what prompted me to design a project this week that will get you in and out of your shop pretty quickly.
If you do any amount of gardening or yard work, you know that you spend a lot of time on your knees weeding or trimming. And if you’re like me, you make several trips back and forth gathering up garden tools you need. So this tote box solves both problems by doubling as a stool.
I made this one using scraps of lumber in my shop. You could also use plywood to simplify it even more though.
I decided to give it a shabby-chic look by applying three coats of paint and sanding through to different layers in various spots on the stool. The effect looks great!
Free plans:


  1. Two chairs and a stool in the last week and not a single flying leap to prove any of them are sturdy enough!

    I noticed you channeling a little Jay Bates there with the biscuit joiner.

    How big a battery does your camera have that you can leave it running all night to catch you coming in with your morning coffee?

  2. I just thought I’d mention that when I used my chrome pin it button which I did to begin with, the url that came with the photo took me to photobucket and wrote the photo description a bit rubbish with a number on it. Using the pin button that came up when I hovered on the picture on this page, it did it correctly with the pin photo being directed to this website and with a proper description. I don’t know if there is a fix for it if the pin gets pinned by an outside pin button and the pinner doesn’t notice it’s going wrong.


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