Make a patio table

Just in time for summertime backyard entertaining! I made this table out of redwood, but you could use anything. Pine boards from your home center would be much less expensive, and this would make a great painted project.I used 3/4″ lumber for the top to keep costs down as well as make the table a little lighter. These are spaced apart to to let water drain.

The top starts out as an octagon, and the table would look nice leaving it that way. But I decided to make mine round, drawing the circle with last week’s homemade beam compass.


  1. Steve, very nice job. Around here a red wood table like that would probably be several hundred dollars. Some people would look at it and say I can’t afford such a nice table and I could never build something like that. They should all watch you, You took something that many might say is too hard to build and in about 6 minutes or so showed just how really simple it is to build. Great job.

  2. Great table indeed, but if I have a Kreg mini pocket hole jig I think I will have used it to screw the cross brace to the vertical posts in order to avoid the ugly screws holes and heads to be apparent. You just need to select the proper screw length correctly.

  3. Great project as usual, Steve. One thing I would ask you, however, is if you could include a list of the lumber you used in the plans on a bigger project like this. Yeah, I know I can do the math myself (which is what I’m in the middle of doing, hence this comment – hehehehehe) but it would be so much simpler on us if you just jotted down something like “I used two 10 foot 2″ X 8″ redwood boards for the table top perimeter…” etc… I mean, just let us know what lumber you bought to build it. Thanks!

  4. I love your simple outdoor furniture projects and this one may be my favorite.

    Quick question, what is that blue attachment you use on your drill driver? Is it just a fancy bit holder or does it have some other function?

  5. Greetings from the ISLE OF MAN steve. Brilliant job and keep up the good work, cant wait for fridays and have a laugh too.

  6. i was just wondering what settings did you have your kreg jig on since it seems like you were not using the HD jig

  7. Steve, I am building a very similar table for a client but out of Cedar. Great video. Are you concerned at all about movement in the wood since you did not allow for it?

  8. Hey Steve, I made this table, thanks for the free plans and the videos are very helpful! You are a great woodworker and I hope that you keep uploading plans and videos! Keep up the good work!

  9. I would like to build the same table but with an oval shape. I managed to change the size using scale function. But I would also like to have thinner outside boards and I don’t manage to change the width to make then a third less large when looking with aerial vue. Is it possible in sketch up ?

    Thank you very much

    Love your youtube channel

  10. Steve I am a 76 year old lady who is now in the process of building your cedar table. I have the top done except for the sanding. Today I am going to start the legs. I am so excited with the way it is turning out and would like to thank you for your videos. I will enjoy this table . Again thank you


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