Scroll sawn bookends

A curious experiment
Recently, Jack Houweling invited a number of YouTube woodworkers to participate in an interesting exercise. He asked us all to design and build a pair of bookends and post our videos on the same day. How fascinating to see how each of us approach the same project! The best part is that this is a great community-building opportunity. I hope we can expose viewers to woodworkers and shows they may be unaware of.
Jack Houweling
Steve Carmichael
Jay Bates
Alain Vaillancourt
John Heisz
Izzy Swan

Dominic Bender
Frank Howarth
Não Só Serradura


  1. WOW!! There are some great designs and great results. I guess there is more than one way to skin a cat, which reminds me that I need a new pair of slippers.

  2. Superb idea! really entertaining to watch each woodworker’s approach and execution and I bet it was a wee bit of fun for you guys to do, more of this please!
    I thought Alain Vaillancourt’s method of doing wood effect….erm wood was cool, couldn’t believe John Heisz cut that beautiful clamp up but it did make a nice piece and the lazyman 2000?? total class!

  3. nice bookends Steve. but your table saw….rust??? i have the same saw and the same problem. after you clean that up just lay an old t-shirt or something over your saw when not in use it will stop more rust from starting. its work for me for almost a year


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