Make a garden hose hanger

Spring is a great time to get outside and make some projects for your garden. I have Peter Lindström to thank for the idea for this week’s project. He used pressure treated lumber for his garden hose holder which should keep it in good condition for many years. He hung his on the wall using a french cleat so he could easily move it into the garage in the winter.
I modified my version in a couple ways. First, I scaled it down a bit: Peter’s is large enough to hold a 100′ hose and I made mine to hold a fifty footer. Since it’s smaller, I eliminated the lower arc, which looked odd at that size, and opted for a semi-circle shape. And I painted mine with exterior paint. And finally, since I use my garden hose year round, I just screwed the hanger into the wall rather that use a french cleat.


  1. Hey Steve!

    This is good for the OLD style hoses!

    BUT, have you seen the NEW Modern Ultra hoses that shrink up to a small handful when turned off?
    … they expand to full length when turned on… and shrink back to a very small handful when turned off… TWO for $12.99 25′ Guaranteed For Life and to never Leak! or your money back! If you have not seen them, I’ll try to find a link for them.

    • those shrinking hoses aren’t worth the materials they’re made of…we have owned 6 of them and they are all in the trash….either the hose adapter broke or the little handle to turn the water on or off, or they just split open. and as far as the guarantee, you have to pay for both to ship it to them and the shipping to get a new one. That ends up being over $13 to replace it. Even if a “OLD STYLE” hose splits, you can by an splitter for $2 (that’s two) fix the hose in about 10 minutes and be back watering your garden….WOW I didn’t know I turned this into YWMM (Yard Working for Mere Mortals) LOL

    • Thanks for the info… Don’t have one but was thinking about it… They have upgraded it to the ULTRA where the hose adapter is made out of heavy plastic material that can take 400 psi+ and NOT show any damage… Guaranteed for LIFE… $12.99 for two…

      Is this the one you’re talking about or the 1st one (not Ultra)??

    • It makes no difference, Joe. Both versions are total crap. The only thing they’re good for is siphoning money out of your wallet and into the bank accounts of the folks selling them.

      Best tip I ever got about garden hoses: Buy the Craftsman Brand (black) Garden Hose (my local Sears and K-Mart stores stock a 50′ length). Hose is tougher than nails, flexible, durable, and includes Craftsman’s true Lifetime Warranty. If the hose fails for *any* reason, take it back to the store and they’ll hand you a new one.


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