Long-handle step stool


I’ve made other step stools but when Earshel Futrel sent me pictures of one he makes with a long handle, I was intrigued. He even sent me some hand drawn templates, which I have slightly modified in my downloadable plans.

Why a handle?

At first glance, this stool looks like a small chair. And I you could actually use it as one, but the handle serves a couple other purposes.

The main benefit I have found is that it is easy to move from place to place. I have been using my 2-step stool in our kitchen ever since I made it, but I tend to always drag it into place with my foot rather than picking it up and moving it where it is needed. The floor gets scratched. The long handle on this stool makes it super easy to move around without bending over to pick it up or scooting it into place.

Secondly, the handle provides a way to stabilize yourself while climbing on and off, making it a bit safer to use, especially for people with limited mobility.

Free plans

You can make this stool in just a few hours. I assembled mine with a pocket hole jig and screws. I added glue too, just to assure it’s strength and stability. This would be a good project to join using dados too. Cutting the square mortise for the handle to slide into is easy: just drill a couple holes and cut out the piece with a jigsaw.


  1. Nice one Steve, I like the versatile handle. I’m also finding a lot of uses for pocket hole screws, in fact , I made an entertainment cabinet with them. they are there but you just can’t see them.

  2. I like it Steve, definitely gonna make one for our bathroom for the little one to reach the sink. I have a concern about the structure, however and I’ll probably put a stretcher between the legs on both sides. Just sayin’. Thanks for your work.


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