Vertical corner planter. Great for any small space!


Welcome to spring!

I am kicking off the season with an outdoor project that anyone can build. This is a limited tools project: all you will need is a drill and a saw. I used a jigsaw, but a circular saw or even a handsaw would work well.

I call this a corner planter because I realized halfway through the build that it would sit perfectly in a corner near the front entrance to my house. It would lean just a easily against any wall.

Small space woodworking

The concept here is to create a practical project that will look nice in a small space and can be built in a small space. You don’t need a workshop at all to make this project! This would be a great beginner project you can make on the balcony or in the patio of your apartment. And you can display the completed planter in the same space!

I made mine using all free pallet wood. If you don’t want to hassle with taking apart a pallet, you could buy two inexpensive 2×4 studs at your local home center. For the shelves and cleats, you can buy a 1×4 or 1×6 board. Or get creative and scavenge through the home center’s bargain bin and hobble together a mixture of cut-off boards. No rules on building this ¬†project!

Free plans

Here are the plans I designed for the one I made to get you started. Naturally, my dimensions are only suggestions: make this on-the-fly to any size and with whatever lumber you have!


  1. Try this old painter trick to give a smooth finish on your woodwork projects- tear off a piece of brown paper grocery bag, crumple it all up, and rub it over the final coat of finish after it is dry of course. This will knock all the little bumps off. Works for me!! Larry

  2. Greetings from Canada!!

    nice project……I think. I really could not get past the fact that you were wearing shorts and a tee shirt and were able to transplant flowers outside.

    Its currently -16 deg Celsius here (about 3 deg. F) and we still have snow drifts in the 4 foot to 6 foot range (higher in spots where the snow has drifted). At the rate we’re going, it will be another 2-3 months before the frost is out of the ground. I can only dream about wearing shorts and tee shirts………….sigh……..


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