Make a country charm spice rack. Great pallet wood or scrap wood project!


Transform mundane designs to compelling ones with minor tweaks 

To me, the design of this space rack says “country” more than the fact that it is made rustic-looking with pallet wood. I am quite pleased with the overall look and functionality.

I have found that when designing something, it is very helpful to layout the functional design to the point where I am satisfied that it would make a piece worthy of building. In this case I sketched up a very practical spice rack with pleasing dimensions and plenty of storage for common spice jars.

It’s tempting to stop at this point and head out to my workshop, but if I let the design rest overnight I am often inspired to add just a few small tweaks that make it stand out.  I lengthened the top brace and the two back braces by 1/4″ on each side, and let them overhang rather than making them flush with the sides. The shelves don’t require any front fences, but adding those three scalloped faces suddenly tied the who project together and unified the design. It’s all about the details.

Free plans:


This spice rack is up for auction!Click here to place a bid. 100% of the winning bid goes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, so they can continue granting wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. Thank you so much for all your support!


  1. Steve – why cover the bag on the chop saw with blue tape? Is that to cover the brand name avoiding some legal issue?

  2. Nice spice rack. Thanks for the project.Will be on my to do list this weekend. I have some 1x12s from the roofboards of my wifes moms house when they tore it down. They are about 75 years old, and have lots of patina on them.

  3. Great video Steve, I love the idea of using double-sided tape to stack the wood pieces.

    What kind of spray adhesive are you using to glue on the templates? You showed that it really pealed off easily. Does it leave any residue?

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  5. This project would be great for my autistic grandson soon to be 16 year old that my husband and I are raising. I am always looking for ways to increase his homeschooling activities. Thank You.


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