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It’s a dark and gloomy day here so I thought I could use the opportunity to get caught up on some viewer projects I’ve been meaning to show off. 

Starting off with Frederick Rivard’s beautiful version of my recent wall sconce. He made this out of a cherry tree that fell down in his front yard.

I love to see handmade tools. Here’s a really cool looking vise from Hervy Bosman. It looks like a work of art to me!

Remember my Quarto game? Well Mike Stone kind of went a little Quarto Crazy…lots of people asking him for one! They look great though. So many different ways you can make these.
Shaker boxes have been a passion of Stan in the U.K. ever since he visited the States. These look like a lot of fun to try and have been on my to-do list for a long time.
18-year-old Thijs Broersen, in the Netherlands is studying carpentry and built this most awesome chair. Really love this design.
Jon Olson teaches woodworking at a high school and made this very detailed video as a tutorial for his intro students. It shows a lot of great techniques we can all use and learn from. I so admire woodworking teachers and the schools who support them.

Mere Minutes
Kind of a scatterbrained episode this week!


  1. Steve, I enjoy all of your project videos and I liked the little tote with photo transfers. I’d like to see a video on the transfer process, I’d really like to try it out. It was good to see Jack Houweling in your shop, I watch his videos as well. Actually, I watch everyone’s videos. I really enjoyed the wood shop teacher’s video on the quilt rack, it was very detailed and informative. I didn’t know that some schools still taught shop. I took every shop class they had back in the day, but they never even heard of CNC Routers back then. Mr. Olson should have his own podcast, I’d watch it. Keep up the good work and have a couple more Margaritas for me.

  2. I enjoy being part of the Woodworking Community. Thanks for letting me hang out with you, because you make me smile, not take life so seriously and my Doctor says, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.” I told him I’ve made some great new friends and they motivate me to get out of my recliner and into my shop. Thanks Brother!

  3. Steve,

    I enjoyed watching Jon Olson’s video. However, I did not think that it belonged on Woodworking for Mere Mortals. I think a better place would be Woodworking for Mere Millionaires. Who has a 12′ jointer, 36″ drum sander, god only knows how large of a CNC router, Planer and who knows what else? In all seriousness, the techniques are fine but I wonder how many of his students will be able to recreate the quilt rack at home without all that fancy equipment.


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