The power of woodworking


Mere Minutes:

Wow! Look at all the WWMM projects Dan has made:

Mallet videos this week:


  1. Steve…I got choked up as you read your email at the end. Not just because it moved me so, but because I,too, am disabled and find inspiration in what you do. Keep up the fantastic work, and know that you are more to many of us than just a mere mortal who shares his ideas!

  2. Hey Steve –
    Noticed on the wall behind you in the video you have a cutout of West Virginia on the wall.

    Any particular story behind it? Lived in Morgantown myself for about 3 years.


  3. GOOD JOB STEVE! You’re making life better for that young man and many of us! I started woodworking two months ago for therapy because I have liver cancer. When I started watching your videos, YOU PUT A SMILE BACK ON MY FACE! I don’t take woodworking so seriously now and I’m having fun! Thanks Brother!

  4. About six months ago, my daughter and I was shopping looking for a changing table for a my youngest grandson. We didn’t want to spend to much, but we wanted something of quality and the ones she kept picking out were outside the budget and I wasn’t to impress with the craftsmanship. So I what home and jumped online and did some research on what it would take to build my own table. That’s when I came across this great site called This thing that Ted put together came in so handy. I went looking for a changing table and came out with over 16,000 step-by- step woodworking plans that has made every projects I’ve done so far super easy, under budget, and nothing but the best quality craftsmanship out on the market today. No short cuts here, nothing but the best techniques laid out in a very formative format that made things super easy. Which in return, help me create quality craftsmanship and long lasting treasures. I was compelled to share this great site with others, in hopes this would help further your woodworking ambitions so you too, could start being proud of your projects.

  5. I knew there was something about the Piggy Banks. That project has made an impact on my life as well. As you know I am trying to get my woodworking business going due to a medical condition. I made one of the pigs to start only as a gift for a friend. I showed pictures to friends and before I knew it I have gotten orders for 12. What a God send at the time. Thanks Steve. It’s honesty, commitment, and caring that makes everything better.

  6. That last bit, reading the email, that’s why it’s worth getting up every day and doing what you do Steve. Forget the trolls, the petty arguments and all that. I’ve been dealing with a terminal illness since Dec ’07 and received a bone marrow transplant 1,004 days ago (yes, I keep track). When first diagnosed I sold every woodworking tool I had, thinking I’d never chase my dream again. I hardly had the strength to walk to bed from the chair. Since the transplant I’ve dealt with severe depression and I quit reading most comments of just about any website or YouTube channel, there’s so little value in what most people have to say these days… You however have rekindled the fire inside me and I’m vigorously stoking the furnace. I’ve bought a Grizzly cabinet style saw off Craigslist, I have a dust collector (dust is on the restrictions list), was gifted an old bandsaw, I did manage to hold onto my routers and nail guns and have always collected old hand tools. All that to say you have inspired me to get off my duff and start building things again. When I’m not so busy I’ll try to figure out how to send you some pics of some of the projects… I owe too a huge debt of gratitude Steve, you may not have saved my life, but you did help save my soul. Thank you and PLEASE, keep on keepin’ on.

    I’m even gearing up for a YouTube channel, woodworking of course, but with a bit of a spin. I’ll keep you posted… I have a lot to learn on the video side.


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