Make a heart-shaped box

Please welcome Micro Jig as a new sponsor to the show! Great products and people.

For Valentine’s Day, I decided to make a heart-shaped box with a little extra. It has a tray area, for sorting change, holding rings or whatever. I wanted the design to flow together as one unit and repeat the sweeping arcs of the heart shape.

If you’ve made a band saw box before, you will recognize the techniques. This is sort of like making two in one. Just consider the tray area as a second box: instead of slicing off the back, you will just add a separate base.

I used purpleheart and padauk and it really looks nice, although I wouldn’t recommend using such hard woods. Bandsaw boxes require a lot of sanding to smooth out the blade marks and your will struggle less with a soft wood.


I’m quite proud of this cutting template! It includes all the steps you will need to perform to make this box. Just print it out (make sure you set your printer’s scaling to 100% size) and paste it to a block of wood.


  1. Heh. I bought a GRR-Ripper 100 the other day. It just arrived today. I assembled it and look forward to using it later. Happy to see them as a supporter for your vids!

  2. I was on the fence about the GRR-Ripper up until a year or two ago and finally dove in after seeing you use them. I have two of the 200 models with all the bells and whistles. I also have the taper jig, a couple of the miter bars that I have yet to put to use, and recently bought two of the new flat push blocks.

    I don’t blame you for being shook up after breaking the band saw blade. I’ve had it happen and it’s just as nerve racking as table saw kick back. Maybe worse because it’s completely unexpected. At least with a table saw bad things usually only happen due to user stupidity so you have some warning.

    Never design anything with an inside radius smaller than your smallest spindle sander.

    While I was typing this I was wondering what in the world my eleven year old daughter was up to (her bedroom is above my office). It finally dawned on me she was playing the plywood bongo I made for her.

  3. Great project Steve. Hey, if you ever need to glue up a place like the one where you had to make the inside cut or even if a crack appears through a glue up here’s an easy way to get glue in the crack. Get you a piece of paper, say notebook paper, tear you off a strip about six inches long and squirt some glue on it. Now pull it slowly through the crack and it will spread the glue on the sides, after that you can clamp til the glue dries.

  4. Micro Jig makes a great product with the GRR-Ripper. I have one and it is very well engineered. This is not your everyday “push stick”. It is a well designed piece of advanced safety equipment while extremely functional.

  5. So, I think the universe is telling me to make this box. Let me explain. My best friend Olivia I graduating from high school and I wanted to make her a something as a graduation gift. obviously the first place I check is Wood Working for Mere Mortals since it’s where I get most of my patterns. Well, this was the first thing I saw that peaked my interest, but I kept looking anyways. I ended up checking some other sites for ideas of presents I could make her. Needless to say every website linked me back to this box. I think I have no choice but to make this now.

  6. Hi, Steve – I love your projects and all your videos, but I keep noticing that you often don’t wear safety glasses. I would love to have my students watch your videos and try out some of your projects, but perhaps you could address the use of safety equipment at some point? I am fairly new to the site, so perhaps there’s an old post I haven’t come across yet. Anyways, just food for thought. Thanks again for all your ideas and inspirations!

  7. I made and have seen others that have made the GRR-Ripper,
    The one I made works ok but is way to heavy for every day use.
    Have seen them on sale at home depot so may have to give them a look.

  8. Made a GRR-Ripper and it works great but one made of wood is a lot heavier,
    and for my arthritic wrists just don’t work for everyday use.
    Saw them on sale at Home Depot will be giving then a better look.
    And thanks Steve for such a great site.

  9. This is an elegant and attractive design that I will have a go at, though I have to work with scrap and recycled softwoods in the school workshop. I’ve just started making some bandsaw boxes, as has my boss, and this is inspiring, thank you, I’m adding your site to my bookmarked list.


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