YouTube woodworking: Chop with Chris


There are several “hand-tool-only” woodworkers creating videos, but Chris’s videos are something special to watch: they are well-paced and never dull. While most of us will probably not become hand-tool purists, we can marvel at his techniques and approach to woodworking. No boring step-by-step instruction here but rather inspiration for everyone, even if you are not a woodworker at all.

In Chris’s latest video, he makes a dog sled. He needs to bend the wood, so what does he do first? He makes a steam bender out of a log of course!

These are not weekend projects: it takes Chris time to build each project so it’s always exciting when a new video pops up in my YouTube feed. He has an amazing ability to pare down all this woodworking into very approachable videos that are about seven minutes long. Another good example is his most-viewed video, a foot powered lathe. 
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  1. Thank you for the Chris channel´s recommendation. Is impressive the skills he has with hand tools. Please, keep introducing the Youtube channels that you´re subscribed. Thanks again and greetings from Brazil. Marcelo.

    • Very nice, clear he enjoys this type of work. However he failed 🙁 The majority of this was with power used…. See them florescent lights? Power baby lol

  2. At least he went and got the lumber out of the forest. Most “hand tool purists” I’ve seen go down to the local lumber yard and buy boards. They’re nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.


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