YouTube woodworking channels I watch: Bill Akins


In this series, I introduce you woodworkers who are providing free, quality content on YouTube, and I hope to widen their audiences by encouraging you to subscribe to their channels. Remember, YouTube channel subscriptions are free. Once you are subscribed, get active and leave comments. “Thumbs-up” videos you like. Share content on Facebook and Twitter. Giving positive feedback for what you enjoy motivates creators to produce even more content for you to enjoy and learn from!  

By supporting these woodworkers and their efforts, you are also supporting the concept of a free and open internet in which content and ideas are freely distributed and shared. The internet was built on this idea. Imagine having to pay a fee for every woodworking web site and video you wanted to watch. Limiting access to those with deep pockets only, results in fewer choices for everyone, a narrow funnel of top-down information,  and a bland sameness of content. 


Bill Akins

I’ll bet lot of you probably already know Bill Akins. His down-home videos are laid back and Bill’s relaxed presentation makes you feel like you’re in his shop with him. His projects are always interesting. I love his combination of methods, sometimes using heirloom techniques and jointery, other times exploring simplicity and focusing on end results. (Plus he’s not afraid to paint wood!) Bill seems equally comfortable with both hand tools and power tools. Check out his shaving horse if you are interested in exploring hand tools.



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