Woodworking on YouTube: John Heisz


John Heisz is one of the most prolific woodworkers on YouTube. Over 55,000 subscribers enjoy watching him build projects for the shop every week. Homemade tools, machines and jigs that will make you think twice about store-bought versions. Table saw sled, box joint jig, dowel making jig, clamps…the list goes on!

John has free plans for on his web site as well as reasonably priced plans for his more complex builds. Check out his web site: ibuildit.ca.

Visit John’s YouTube channel and subscribe here. Browse through his extensive list videos and get inspired. I’ve included his shop-built wooden vise here. The first video gives you an overview of the project, and the second one digs into the build. It’s a beautiful piece.

Thanks for supporting guys like John who regularly provide top-notch video content free of charge!



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