Unique under-bed storage solution


WWMM Under bed storage systemWhen researching storage and organization projects, I was reminded how much space is available under a bed. We have several under-bed storage boxes that contain things we rarely use. Maybe once or twice a year.

I thought would be nice to utilize under bed space for long-term storage, but also be able to store and access more frequently used items without having to drag out the entire box.

My storage unit has a large back section with a removable lid for storing less-used, maybe seasonal items. The front of this cabinet has a drawer allowing easy access to things you need to get to more often.

Most under bed storage boxes have wheels on them, but I don’t believe they are necessary. I attached furniture glides to the underside of this unit, allowing it to slide easily on wood floors or carpet.


Before using the dimensions in these plans, be sure to carefully measure the space beneath the bed you are going to use. I designed mine to fit under my king-sized bed, but the frames of these vary greatly. Also make sure to account for areas of the bedframe that extend lower than the mattress. 


  1. Nice BOX Steve, be careful when making the bed. Don’t kick the box with your bare foot. I speak from personal experience.

  2. Hi there,

    i’m a french-smelling-cheese woodworker and I pretty sure that all thing called “french” in US or canada anren’t européen at all. French fries for exemple or french cleat you show to organize you tool….

    Thx for your website and motivation !

    Long life to WWMM !


    • Hey Rémi,

      Glad you are not offended by us yanks naming everything “french”. I think we should rename everything to “Irish”. For example: Irish fries (these are yummy), Irish cleats (with a plaid design of course) or Irish Woodworking (with a pint of Guinness to celebrate the final product).

  3. Hey, I noticed off to the side on your website some pretty risque adds. I like to come to your website, but if this kind of content continues I will have to stop. See what you can do. Thanks

    • The ads on the sides of sites are based on browser history and surf tracking. If you recently visited Rockler and Festool there is a very good chance that is what you will see. if someone recently visited “Risque” sites then you will get these types of ads. If this is unexpected you may want to explore the source of the information resulting in the displaying of these ads.

    • Thanks for the tip. I am not sure why these kind of ads would be following me around. Any tips on how to get rid of them?

  4. Hi Steve, thanks for the fun and informative videos. I have a question about the 16,000 plan offers that have been coming from aggressive marketing programs … are these legitimate or should we be wary of unscrupulous advertising programs … your comment would be appreciated.

  5. Great video. Keep em coming. By the way for this project, would brad nails 3/8 or 9/16th suffice? I have a manual stapler / nailer and that is the max size… or can I use hammer and nail if need to be more substantial nail? Thanks in advance

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