Sliced wood and a pallet fence


A few of the fantastic many projects and photos viewers have posted this past week on my Facebook page. 


I am not sure the origin of this photo, but it’s an idea that cause me to scoff at its absurdity and marvel at its ingenuity!

I’m always impressed by the myriad of ways people are using pallets and pallet wood to build things. Check out this pallet fence from Scott Allender.
Haven’t seen a new whirligig in a while. Here’s a really fun design by Ivan Parrish:
Cool picture from Tahquamenon Woods showing how logs are sliced up for lumber:
Lots of people have made my wooden wheelbarrow planter, but John Turner scaled it down to create this micro-version to cheer someone up at the hospital.
Wolly Ireland has made several rustic batch cabinets. This one looks great finished with linseed oil.
Depending on the winter weather where you live, it might be a little early to start working on outdoor projects. But once it begins to thaw, this bench is a good project to get you into your shop and yard. Brian Miller has a celebrity sitting is his bench!
Finally, here is a fantastic plywood chair from Sergio José Aparicio Arévalo. Exposed edges are really cool.


  1. Not only is it not a cold winter in some parts, in some places it’s not summer at all – or don’t we count anymore? Things have certainly gone down hill since the Australia Day episode 2 years ago 🙁

  2. hi steve ,I just recently discovered your videos on youtube and now your website .you are terrific ,keep up the good work .I am a amateur wood worker myself and I get great tips and ideas from you .thank you..

  3. You know this is probably unimportant but, one of my brothers framed a large portion of his camp/cottage with hard wood pallets. It is still standing after about 15 to 20 years in great shape and is still enjoyed WITHOUT issues. It is built in the cold portion of Canada near a river bank. It is well insulated and can be lived in 12 months a year. He is very talented when it comes to building.


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