Mobile, flip-top, multi tool stand


Really like this space saving tool stand from Bill Wilson. It stores his spindle sander and planer on a flippable top, Even has a fold-up router table. The whole thing is on casters so it takes up very little shop space. He is now considering adding a folding assembly table on the other side.

Bill has included a bunch of pictures for you to examine since he just built it as he went along and made no plans. He also shot a video showing it in action.


  1. Very nice! Everything is pretty self-explanatory except for two things: are the “prop rods” on the bottom of the wing made from conduit, and how are they attached so they fold when the wing is dropped?

  2. It doesn’t look like they are attached. The weight holds them in place. Just relieve the weight and kick them out of their slot to fold it down.

    I made a similar flip top stand for my planer and Carvewright. I used 1/4″ steel pins to hold mine in place instead of the hinge/block stops Bill used. Seems simpler to me.

  3. Nice I was almost thinking that the planer woudl be mounted 90 degrees from its present direction, and the flip up table woudl be outfeed, and the cart handle would be the right height to act like an infeed roller.

  4. Does the “axle” upon which the table turns go all the way through?

    I am SO building one of these.

    GREAT idea Bill!

  5. Insread of walking around so much flipping 4 blocks in and out, I would use 2 sliding blols like you would use on a door. That way you could do the change over while standing in one place.


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