Make a sliding-door garage or shop cabinet


Storage cabinet

Naturally, since I’ve been cleaning out my shop and freeing up a lot of space, I needed to build a storage cabinet for the inevitable incoming stuff that will need to be disposed of in a few years. The cycle of life will continue!

One thing I want to do is avoid rushing into filling up my new-found wall space. I kind of like reveling in the minimalism. (Well, comparatively speaking.) But I did want to build this cabinet immediately to alleviate some of my workbench clutter.

This sliding door cabinet is a good size for most garages. It’s deep enough to store all sorts of things, but the shelves aren’t so deep that it builds up layers of stuff you can’t get to because it’s hiding behind other stuff. You can easily adjust the size of this cabinet to fit your space, but I would keep its depth under 12″. The shelves in mine are 10.5″.

The construction is very simple and utilitarian. There are no fancy joints or techniques. You can make it out of a single sheet of 3/4″ plywood. I used solid wood for the face frame and shelf supports, but plywood would be fine, and there is enough in that single sheet. You will also need 1/4″ plywood for the doors.

I picked up the plastic door runners at my local hardware store. If you can’t find them, here’s an Amazon link.

Check in tomorrow as I further discuss my organization efforts and my philosophy behind them.

Free plans:


  1. I know about Ted’s woodworking plans, They are crappola.
    I got them and I had to get refund as they were lacking a lot.
    Don’t get them.

    Nice job on the cabinet Steve

  2. I don’t quite get french cleats, if you’re hanging something that’s not to be moved why not just screw it in place; if it’s to be moved I can think of many better ways than french cleats

  3. The French (Scottish) cleat idea is GREAT. I’ve used them in my garage shop and they allow me to QUICKLY reorganize my entire storage system and not just parts of it. I am planning to move my workshop out of my 2-1/2 car garage into a separate conditioned building this summer and I plan to use French cleats for everything possible. I know that starting from my initial setup/layout I will later discover a better organization and the French cleat idea allows me to move shelves and cabinets with the greatest of ease.

  4. Hi Steve, I like the new image of your shop. Here’s a tip: drill two more holes in these sliding doors, you won’t have a left/right problem. 🙂 If you don’t want to spoil the looks, drill an extra hole just in the back piece, it won’t be visible when properly left-right closed.

  5. Hi Steve, I liked the video and used it as motivation to build a shop book cabinet. I used swinging doors and left a space at the bottom for organizing my pens, pencils and markers. Thanks for the videos, humor and forum.


  6. Thanks for the plans. I built a modified version as needed for my space. Added pegboard on one side. Good stuff. Thanks again.

  7. I made 1 level shelf for under pegboard, 8′ long, 6″ deep, 10″ tall; used two dados in the top and bottom pieces of 1x pine boards with luan sliding doors, a center vertical divider to work out any warp lengthwise. Worked well. Made a two level set for the laundry room. Have learned that slightly undersized luan doors, waxed along edges, would be an improvement, prevent any binding of the sliding doors.
    I have plastic storage cabinets (6.5′ tall, 30″ wide) in my shop, I want to replace them with sliding door cabinets, your design will work well, stack two on the wall with space underneath for floor items. Thanks for the design!!


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