Football party snack tray


Just in time for the Super Bowl next week! This snack tray is hinged for storage and each side features the colors of opposing teams. If your party is likely to be biased, you will probably want to use only your team’s colors!

Limited tools project

I wanted this project to be accessible and easy for anyone to build. If you’ve never made any woodworking projects, this would be a fun way to get started.

Wood: 3/4″ thick board, either solid lumber or plywood, and a 1/4″ thick board for the backs. 7.5″ wide X 30″ long for each will be plenty.

You will need a jigsaw to make all of the cuts. A jigsaw is a great “first tool” to own. With it, you can cut just about anything: straight cuts and curved cuts. The other tool you will need is a drill to bore an entry hole for the jigsaw blade.

This project requires quite a bit of sanding which will go much quicker if you have a power sander: either a palm sander or a random orbit sander. But if you just want to use sandpaper and elbow grease, that will work fine.

To attach the cutting template, you will need some spray adhesive. Use wood glue to join the wood together. Carpet tape will be handy for holding the two trays together while you sand them. You could also clamp them together.

I used a 2 1/2″ brass hinge on my tray. And of course, you will need paint. I finished the tray with spray lacquer. This will make it easy to wipe clean with a damp rag.

Cutting template


  1. The “cover picture” (what do you call that picture before you start the video?) of you about to “pass” the serving tray cracked me up.

    I’d cut these with my CNC but that wouldn’t be limited tools, or even “woodworking” in some people’s opinion.

    Admit it, did you cheat and use the disc and spindle sanders off camera? I would have.

  2. You don’t need to make a hole first for a jigsaw, just let them plunge and cut room themselves. A bit awkward a first, but it’s actually a pretty clean entry hole/kerf.

  3. I just watched the football video and liked it very much. I could find no place to click on “Like” also let me mention that on a build the size of the football four pieces of double sided tape about 1″ long would have worked just as well.

  4. “Admit it, did you cheat and use the disc and spindle sanders off camera? “

    Came here to say this 🙂

    And also, I noticed a few weeks ago that you put one of your bits about Subbable in the middle of the project (ala commercial)…as a regular viewer, just wanted to say that this does not bother me in the least and if you think it would increase your “sponsorhip” benefits, then by all means use this kind of ad placement. The part where it takes a couple hours for glue to dry might make a nice commercial break! 😉 I mention this only because your paradigm of free content is a wonderful contribution to woodworking, internet content, and information access media in general…and although we all like to complain about commercials, in the end, it’s a way for producers to keep their efforts funded and viable. Thanks for what you do Steve!

  5. hay steve chris here ive been watching all your videos seen them all its cool to see how the show has come along was wondering if you are going to do more shop projects and was wondering what you have in the cabinets above your scroll saw well cant waite to see the next video.

  6. I think I would use a food safe oil finish instead of the paint and lacquer. I like the idea of gluing two boards together to make it deeper too.


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