Andor’s homemade wooden sled and this week’s project preview


It seems to be a very snowy winter everywhere. Why not make your own sled? Check this one out. Andor Rábay from Hungary (who always sends me the coolest projects) made this sled using bent lamination: the same technique you can see in my Trendy Bendy Photo Stand. Andor made it as a gift for his fiancée, Tímea, but it looks like they are both enjoying it!

Project preview


  1. Look forward to the video tomorrow. We could use one of these bag dispensers at home. Steve, I’m sure you won’t have any problems selling your projects but for others reading this… it helps not to use the work “junk” in your sales pitch, lol

  2. Here’s an idea:

    How about a table saw using a standard circle saw or a drill press using a standard drill, for those who can’t afford the real thing.


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