Make a child’s art easel.


Every year at this time, Marc (The Wood Whisperer) builds a simple project to raise money for a cancer charity. This year, he built a kid’s art easel based on plans from Wood Magazine and is donating $5 to CancerCare on behalf each of his viewers who makes one and sends him a photo.

Raise money for charity by doing what you love: woodworking!

When I saw the easel I thought this would make a great project for my viewers too, so I asked Marc if we could combine forces. My version is very similar to his, just a bit simpler. I am also going to donate $5 for every easel made. That’s ten bucks between the two of us, not to mention the matching donations provided by many corporate sponsors! We are hoping to raise $10,000 for CancerCare, an organization that provides support for people who are struggling with cancer. You can also donate directly, of course!


Since Wyatt is 16, he’s a little tall to get use out of this easel, so I am auctioning it off! Please bid on it here. 100% of the winning bid goes to CancerCare.

If you don’t have any young artists to build an easel for, consider making one and donating it to a local children’s hospital or care center. What a great way to kick off the holiday season!

Free plans/where to send your photos

Make either version you prefer, or even combine elements from each. The goal is to get as many of you building an easel as possible. Be sure to watch Marc’s video below, which explains everything much more eloquently than I!

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  1. This is a wonderful initiative, Steve. Hope you raise more than you expected! We don’t have chalkboard boards at the hardware store, so another alternative to chalkboard paint is a big chalkboard sticker – you can get those cheap at the dealextreme online store (they ship internationally free). I liked the video and I appreciate how you make woodworking accessible to everyone.

  2. Just embedded your video front and center at my website. Maybe it’ll help spread the word. Planning to build the chalkboard (maybe both) to donate somewhere. Thanks Steve and Marc!

  3. Hey Steve – great project. We bought one of those kids easels from a toy store a few years ago. It was $$$ and has fallen apart already. This will be on my list of things to build, perhaps for a charity auction I will be supporting in February.

    You seem to have a good relationship with other wood bloggers like Marc and Mattias. So here is an idea for you. You and Ana White are the pocket screw champions. Maybe you can challenge her to a pocket screw-off. No that sounds bad. A pocket screw-down? That doesn’t sound any better. But you know a contest where you try to build the coolest pocket screw projects. Guys like Marc and Mattias won’t really touch a a kreg jig but I am sure Ana will be up for some pocket screw action. Wait that sounds bad too.

  4. Hey Steve. Great idea and nice to see you and the wood whisperer teaming up on this.
    I just finished my easel and submitted it. I am also donating it to a preschool silent auction on Nov 16th so it should help them out as well.

    I incorporated your metal-backed side along with the flush-fit chalkboard side. Also created some magnets from some small pieces of plywood. Here are photos:

    Keep up the great work.


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